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In the Havana Biennal

What is dedelmu?

“Detrás del Muro” is a socio-cultural project that emerged in 2012 as a special project. It is recognized for the high socio-cultural impact that its artistic intervention on the Havana Malecon has had during the 11th (2012) and 13th (2019) editions of the Biennial of Havana.

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Social Workshops

Behind the Wall (dedelmu) is consolidated as a theoretical-practical training program that seeks social harmony, from the interactivity incited by the transdisciplinary and collaborative character of contemporary art. The exhibition in the area of ​​the traditional boardwalk is didactic per se: the managers of this process and the recipients of it, become educators and / or students of different subjects. More, dedelmu prefers to use other stratagems that underline his non-profit socio-cultural projection. To do so, it transcends its temporality as a happening at the Havana Biennial and manifests itself before, during and after a series of workshops: specific trades and knowledge are taught that the surrounding population demands to channel spiritual and material needs. In this way attention is directed to problems, barriers and / or social gaps that affect children, adolescents, young people, seniors and / or special protection groups, to bet on the value of projects of this type in the development comprehensive personality, social cohesion and citizenship.