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“Detrás del Muro” is a socio-cultural project that emerged in 2012 as a special project. It is recognized for the high socio-cultural impact that its artistic intervention on the Havana Malecon has had during the 11th (2012) and 13th (2019) editions of the Biennial of Havana.
So far this project, which in the second edition was considered a collateral sample of the Biennial of Havana, has had a great impact on the community of the intervened space, as well as among the specialized public for the variety of artistic proposals presented in each one of the editions, the interactive nature that the event has acquired, the capacity to call it, as well as the interrelation, commitment and involvement it has had with other institutions and cultural groups in its own production (such as, for example, the Office of the Historian of the City, The Master Plan of the Office of the Historian, the Malecón Plan, the Ballet of Litz Alfonso, among others).
Since then, it has contributed to the artistic production itself through the granting of creative scholarships to young artists (he has awarded scholarships for Cuban artists in collaboration with the Cuban Arts Foundation in 2013, Vermont Scholarship to Duvier del Dago and Rachel Valdés, in to the year 2015, the Vermont Scholarship to Elizabeth Cerviño and Jorge Wellesley) and of an Artistic Creation Award in the VISUARTE event, organized by the UNEAC of the city of Cienfuegos.
At the same time it has contributed to the development of thought and criticism about contemporary art, as well as to the literary and audiovisual production of arts in Cuba through the Editorial Seal Detrás del Muro. So far, two books have been edited in charge of collecting the current work of the participating artists in the first and second edition of the artistic intervention, these are sources of reference to study contemporary Cuban art; Two documentaries were produced about the project, the first of which was shown at the International Latin American Film Festival in Havana and at the Du Film Sur Festival L’Art, Montreal.
In addition, it has collaborated with the publication of books and catalogs of important Cuban artists; In 2015 they presented: the book catalog ‘World you like to buy my misery?’, Luís Gómez. Recent Work (2004-2014), TAG. Thing of Young People, (text dedicated to collecting the work and early work of young artists graduates of the ISA) and Los Colores del Ánimo from the critic and art curator Elvia Rosa Castro, the latter was the first book to come out with the label Behind the Wall Editions.


“Diversify existing cultural / recreational offerings with attractive activities for the population that contribute to the formation of cultural values in the community; form new audiences for contemporary art; to influence the development of the spirituality of citizens and a better use of the city “


“Use art as a tool for sociocultural transformation with broad impact in different communities; be a cultural epicenter in the Havana area “

Social Target

• Organize, finance and produce the artistic intervention of the Malecón Habanero (Traditional Malecón) known as “Behind the Wall”, as well as other collateral activities that complement it in events (conferences, meetings with artists, presentation of catalogs and audiovisuals).
• Promote national artistic creation.
• Support the promotional work of the Cuban institutional circuit (Ministry of Culture, CNAP, Contemporary Art Center Wifredo Lam, CDAV, ISA, Office of the City Historian, among other cultural institutions) and its network of galleries through the work of the Seal Editorial Detrás del Muro with the edition and publication of books, catalogs, research, promotional media for the celebration of exhibitions and events related to avant-garde contemporary art, as well as the production of audiovisual materials.
• Reinsert art in the community through the holding of exhibitions, the intervention of certain community spaces with artistic means, the holding of workshops and conferences with different social groups (women, children, adolescents, the elderly).
• Offer integral services of communication, design, curatorship and art production, both for the community, as well as for artists or institutions, both private and state, related to art and culture.


Artistic / cultural projection:

The Project Behind the Wall aims to develop events and actions that involve the creation of avant-garde visual arts, as well as those artistic-cultural manifestations that are directly related to the community and its identity values, in pursuit of the spiritual improvement of the different subjects and social groups that make up the framework of the urban life of the capital through its proper insertion in the spaces and public practices of the city and the promotion of varied initiatives of artistic / cultural dimension. For this we will subscribe specifically to the community that inhabits the so-called Traditional Malecon. They will be activities of artistic / cultural dimension with didactic purpose. To do this, we propose to manage, finance and promote artistic projects, mainly visual arts, that have a direct impact on the community context.

• Organization and production of the artistic intervention of the Traditional Malecón called “Behind the Wall”.
This event takes place within the framework of the Biennial of Havana with the participation of national and foreign artists. Converge different artistic media (installation, sculpture, photography, video art, painting, happening, performances, graffiti, music, dance, community art, social activism, among others). The intervention of the selected urban space is based on the direct work of the artists with the physical variables of the environment and with the human and symbolic capital that compose it. The immediate result is the sociocultural interrelation of different types of cultural audiences.
• Organization of collective and individual exhibitions of national and foreign artists
Outside the framework of the Havana Biennial, Detrás del Muro will present exhibitions of contemporary Cuban and foreign artists at its facilities. The artistic product presented will be able to be located in two large profiles: historiographic exhibitions; contemporary art exhibitions. Within the first profile will be treated issues, problems or artists that are of interest to the community or the general public, local or global in nature, temporarily located before the nineties of the last century. Within the second profile will be treated topics, problems or artists of local or global nature, with high degree of topicality.
• Conferences and workshops for the community and the general public about art, culture, society, sexuality, health prevention, professional training, community history and other fields of interest for citizens.
• Publish and disseminate research on artistic culture through the volumes presented by the Editorial Seal Detrás del Muro.
• Presentation of books, catalogs and magazines.
• Manage, finance and promote the placement of works in public spaces that contribute to beautify the urban environment, and raise the aesthetic education of citizens and their quality of life.
Since the 2012 edition, the project Detrás del Muro has contributed to embellish the urban space of the Historic Center of the city with the location in parks, squares and institutions of sculptural works donated by national and foreign artists participating in both editions of the project, between they Manuel Mendive, Roberto Fabelo, Rachel Valdés, Rafael San Juan, Ewerdt Hilgemann, Alexander Guerra, José Parlá, Emilio Pérez, Mounir Fatmi and Rafael Villares; that as a whole they contribute their contribution to the idea that the Traditional Malecon and its surroundings become an Urban Museum.

Promote, represent and manage the work of Cuban artists, both inside and outside the Island.

• Grant artistic residencies to national and international artists
The artistic residencies consist of promoting the creation and research on visual arts, granting productive facilities and financing and linking young Cuban artists from different localities and international with the specific context of the Havana Malecon, providing them with periods of research, production and professional growth, as well as as interrelation with the community and the different sectarian groups that make it up) as well as conducting guided visits with a didactic character that makes it possible to understand contemporary art, book presentations, magazines and catalogs, talks, workshops, conferences, among others, that delve in the interests and needs of society and that allows the ordinary citizen dynamic, participatory and healthy spaces of learning and recreation.
• Produce personal and collective exhibitions and organize conferences, workshops, panels and presentations of catalogs, books or audiovisual products, among other activities.
• Produce books, catalogs, and other promotional media that can complement the artist in his presentation as a professional of culture in any context that occurs.

Sociocultural and educational projection:

Promote the access of people or groups in a situation of exclusion, risk or vulnerability to the creation, production and cultural diffusion, from an approach that facilitates access to resources and personal, community and social spaces that reinforce their participation in the construction of the culture and the development of individual and collective potential that facilitate their social inclusion.

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