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Liquid scenario

We defend art as an opportunity to transform the way in which human beings interact in public space. That is why we have been invited by the Office of the Historian to join the celebrations for the 500th Anniversary of our beautiful capital.
-Juan Degado Calzadilla

Liquid scenario
-Elvia Rosa Castro

The support used by the Detrás del Muro project is the public space. Consequently, dedelmuexiste in interaction and dialogue with this type of spaces in the urban context. At the base of its design is the investigation of the scenario that gives it life: research, workshops, interviews and surveys are often the raw material that, when intertwined with history, the present and the future, provide a special meaning to the artistic proposal that is located in the Havanan Malecón.
The intention of the project is not only that the viewer enjoy and thus complete the works presented in it as a passive receiver, but, to a large extent, produce them, sometimes literally, sometimes tangentially. The role he will assume will depend on the nature of the artistic activities proposed for the space and the occasion: performances, creation workshops for the community, conferences, installations, urban interventions, theatrical or dance shows, video projections, happenings, among others; and the dialogue between the creators, the managers, the physical space and the community.
In this edition we intend to convert that section of the Havana coast in a workshop where the process and the feeling that the work is made by all prevail. And where the idea of ​​the multiple original (already evident, no longer) prevails in each work. All contemporary variants or notions of design will play a central role. Each work presented in Detrás del Muro will be proposing a space, a set of tools and an opportunity for the public to explore new perspectives; it will enhance the possibilities of the citizen as an efficient user of the selected urban space and will point out possible solutions to the main urban and functional problems of the urban and cultural architectural complex that this zone comprises.

By the convening power of art
-Luis Enrique Padrón

The Malecón Habanero is an urban experience in constant process of unveiling and is shaped by a varied set of practices and imaginaries.
dedelmu does not intend to vindicate the subjects living in this space, or even the space itself. On the contrary, it tries to expose the fundamental energies of this fragment of territory, those that emerge in daily life, which do not necessarily emerge with the Biennial of Havana; that have always been there; that make people communicate with each other, express themselves, organize their spaces; they are resolved as subjects, that is, as socially agreed individuals. Energies that are transfused in the monumentality of the scales, in the abrasive power of the visuality that the sea imposes, in direct contact with the open space.
The vehicle we use to make these energies visible is the work of art. The function of each piece is to act as a sort of experience marker within a space of extreme semantic complexity. With the help of these it is intended to generate a group of tours through the city that have as starting point the Traditional Malecon; process of overwriting that calls for each person, either as an inhabitant or a visitor, to act as an effective user of the cultural form that this urban space institutes. In this way that first initiative, which sought to convert the Malecón space into a kind of open-air gallery, is definitely overcome.
There will be works of art of varied morphology -sculptures, installations, wall paintings, construction projects, performances, social projects, community work. All of them founded as an effort of dialogue with the people and with the space itself; as a re-elaboration of the monumental sense that this city scenario has imagined. All these actions are based on the investigation of the public space with which we work. dedlmu is the articulated experience that each one takes as a memory, it is the total gain, -for some substantial, for others symbolic- that involves letting oneself be dragged through the city by the convening power of art.

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