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Detrás del Muro 3 (Behind the Wall 3)

Ever since it was unveiled at the 11th Havana Biennial in 2012, Behind the
has sought noble goals. At that time, it was considered a curatorial
project with sweeping media repercussions whose unique feature was taking
over the vast, complex public space of Havana’s Malecón. Over time, its
intention became clearer: it was first a simple artist residency program, then
a publishing imprint, and later on a lively platform for exchanges among
creators of all ages and from everywhere in the world. Today it is expected
to have a sustainable future, of which the 13
th Havana Biennial was just a
brief glimpse.
Our future projection is based on respect for the work undertaken by
our artists in the past ten years by working with the community; offering
opportunities, knowledge, and ways of bringing in each of their personal
interests; and fostering artistic and intellectual creation. Art should be a part
of everyday reality, not only vice-versa. We steadfastly believe in its ability
to redeem the individual’s subjectivity and to catalyze behaviors, build values,
and enrich spirituality.
Liquid Stage, a curated project unveiled for the 13th Havana Biennial
in April 2019, is based on two fundamental premises: first, sociocultural
work through strategies based on the immediate needs and usual practices
of Havana’s residents, and secondly, the assembly of a collection of
contemporary artworks for our city which contributes to its beautification,
in which we are joining the Havana Historian’s Office to celebrate the 500
anniversary of our city.
Reaching a higher phase of social engagement implies revamping our
image, among other things. Thus,
Behind the Wall is becoming Dedelmu (short
Detrás del Muro, in Spanish). This joyful, engaging name will encompass
the interventions in the public space already made and yet to be made;
the educational strategies we have planned; the work with the community;
our steadfast support for audiovisual communication; and our publications
and everything that takes place in and around our future headquarters
—Malecón no. 307— in an aim to universalize the arts and create an urban
museum for Havana.

Juan Delgado Calzadilla
Director of
Detrás del Muro (Behind the Wall)