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Adrián Fernández in the 13th Havana Biennal

Adrián Fernández studied visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts of San Alejandro (2004) and then at the Higher Institute of Arts (2010) in Havana, Cuba. At the beginning of his artistic career, despite specializing in sculpture, he began to practice with photographic media, later becoming his main expressive tool. His work has developed from the use of black and white with a documentary perspective, evolving in later years towards studio photography and the use of digital media and color photography. He currently works as an independent artist and as a professor of documentary photography in Havana for the University of New York, Tisch School of Arts, Office of Special Programs Abroad. He has exhibited in several collective and individual exhibitions in Cuba, the United States, Mexico, France, Belgium and Cambodia.

The artist tells us that his proposal for Detrás del Muro, a sculptural volume over six meters high entitled “Monumento al hombre incompleto” (Monument to the incomplete man) references the processes by which the nations of the world have settled culturally, and generated the symbols of their own representativeness The imagery of this work has clear references in the art of the first half of the 20th century, specifically with Russian constructivism and Italian Futurism, frank tribute to the ideoesthetic force and the innovative and revolutionary power of these artistic movements.

Recently the artist presented the personal exhibition of the same title at the Visual Arts Development Center of Havana with great success for the national critic. Possible rehearsal of the monumental display that his proposal will have during the Biennial of Havana with his presence in Detrás del Muro.