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Call and registration to the Natural Afro Hair Contest “We have it curly”

Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo has started the actions related to her performance We carry Rizo , a suggestive work of art that she has in Escenario Líquido and in the 13th Biennial of Havana, with the support of Casa de África, its second edition.

The Organizing Committee has declared that: “This project aims to delve into the canons of Afro beauty that today are manifested in Cuban popular culture. More than a fashion, it brings with it a historical burden, of conscience and identity of the black, in addition to differing from Western stereotypes it does not stop having a meaning in order to vindicate the black beauty.

We take it curl, intends to take Afro Natural hair as a pretext to deconstruct the canons of established beauties and, from creativity, to propose an organic assimilation of her presence in the Cuban social imaginary.

The second edition of this event aims to re-position and claim this style in our cultural map. In addition to creating a balance between the different styles, giving it the same aesthetic value “

For this event Susana P. Delahante Matienzo has organized the following activities:


Natural Afro Hair Contest Programming We have it curly

House of Africa Museum. Project behind the wall. XIII Biennial of Havana.



Tuesday 19 to Saturday 23 (five days) from 10am to 12pm: Registration of the contestants. Modalities: afro, braided and dreadlocks .

Patio-Museum House of Africa.


To participate in this contest the following requirements will be taken into account:

Competition rules:
• Anyone who wears their natural ‘AFRO’ hair regardless of their age or sex can participate in the contest.
• With “NATURAL” we refer to a hair without chemical treatments or smoothing manuals such as the melting , keratin , hot comb, tongs, among others.
• You can enroll in Afro, braided or dreadlocks . We only accept one modality per person.
• Jury Prizes and Popularity Prizes (not shared) will be awarded for each modality and in each category.
• The children’s category is up to 14 years old and the adult category is from 14 years old.
• The Jury will be formed by collaborators of We Have it Curly.
• The decision of the Jury will be made public at the Awards Gala of the event and will have an unappealable character.
• Image Rights: Participants of legal age, assign all rights to the photographs, audios and videos of our public activities to the We Have it Curly project. Worldwide, non-exclusive and royalty-free right to reproduce, publish and distribute in all media such as books, catalogs, videos, bulletins, social networks, magazines, exhibitions, websites, among other promotional materials associated with the Lo Project We Have it Curly. In the case of minors, it is their parents or legal guardians who decide whether or not to grant the image rights of the minors.

Registration Guide:
• Introduce yourself personally.
• Bring your identity card.
• Minors must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.
• Those minors who are in study time (School) can be registered by their parent or legal guardian that must bring with them: identification of the minor and a photo (digital or printed).
• Protection of Personal Data: The data collected by We Have it Curly will be treated confidentially and exclusively for the purpose of managing the relationship with participants and promote the activities of our event. These data will be incorporated into the file of We Have it Curly. Likewise, it will erase the data when it is no longer necessary for its purpose.
• Please do not show up in flip flops, t-shirt or shirtless.
• Please do not show up in shorts, skirts or short blouses.
• Participation in this contest implies the full acceptance of all the bases.

House of Africa
Obrapia No. 157, e / San Ignacio and Mercaderes | Obrapia Habana Vieja

For more information leave a message here or contact us through:




Friday 1st: ” Burn the raisin, getting the ideas ready”. Conference given by Roberto Zurbano ( Cuba)

(Topic: Afro- native hair as an icon of black cultures and as a cultural icon within pan – African thinking of the twentieth century) Its significance in culture and society.

Time: 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Place: Conference room – Casa de África Museum.


Saturday 2: ¨ Personal experiences on natural afro hair care¨.

Moderators: Mercedes Prendes and Julié Pérez ( Cuba)

(It consists in bringing together the participants to exchange experiences on natural afro hair care and the daily routines that each person performs to care for their hair, this meeting allows people to exchange their experiences in this regard)

Time: 2:00 pm -4: 00pm

4:00 pm – Concert of the Síntesis group , ¨Espacio el Chekete ¨ ( Cuba)

Place: Courtyard-Museum House of Africa.


Wednesday 6: Hair styling workshop given by Vivi Dague (Cameroon-England)

Thursday 7: Hairstyling workshop taught by Vivi Dague (Cameroon-England)

Time: 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Place: Courtyard-Museum House of Africa.

Sunday 17: Visit to the community project Barber Street (Cuba)
Time: 4:00 pm
Project “Behind the Wall”, XIII Biennial of Havana
Cerro Municipality or Centro Habana.