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dedelmu candidate for the iberoamerican design biennial awards

Despite the contingencies, which for art have involved the COVID’19 pandemic, the Behind the Wall Project has not ceased its socio-cultural work in this atypical calendar. After its fruitful passage, at the beginning of the year by the Contemporary Art Fair ARCO 2020, dedelmu returns to Madrid, from 23 to 27 November. This time, to the Ibero-American Design Biennial (BID’20).

The proposal of identity, dedelmu, for Behind the Wall, of our designers Emilio Cruañas and Reinaldo Camejo was chosen by a prestigious international jury to represent Cuba in the main scene of the Latin American design, together with a select group of projects and Cuban designers.

The proposal is a candidate for the Awards of an “atypical edition, which will be held both in the digital scenarios, and in its usual headquarters of the Central de Diseño Matadero Madrid”, explains the communication of Manuel Estrada, Executive President of the IDB’20, in which he announces how after its exhibition, in the Spanish capital, these materials will start an itinerantic through different Latin American cities.

In his letter, Estrada specifies how the IDB arrives at a time when it needs certainty in view of the current situation of the COVID 19. “These proposals not only show the best of Latin American design, but also become a factor of cultural and economic stability for the development of the region and its role in the world of the twenty-first century.

For his part, Juanito Delgado, director of the Project Sociocultural dedelmu, explains that this choice has not been accidental, but is the result of work and commitment to design and its social impact. And especially for the dream of our team to work to make Havana a great urban museum of visual arts and design.

“For some time Cruañas and Camejo have been working not only on the identity of Detrás del Muro, but also on the design and implementation of strategies that correspond to Dedelmu’s social vision and its impact on the public near the Malecón in Havana. They have done so not only during the Biennial, but also in art fairs and exhibitions inside and outside our country”.

The also curator of the mega exhibition Behind the Wall, which takes place on the Malecón during the days of the Havana Biennial of Contemporary Art, explained that this project not only looks at the visual arts in the public space of the Cuban capital, “but also deposits our gaze on multiple socio-cultural and community spaces, where the visual arts and design become increasingly important.

On this subject, said the also curator and art promoter, we will be speaking at the Ibero-American Design Biennial, in a possible panel on the links between art, design and society, which we are working on together with the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECI) and the Spanish embassy in Cuba.

Cruañas and Camejo have been part of the Dedelmu team for more than two years and their designs have already been exhibited and awarded in various cultural spaces in our country, either from branding or poster design.

The proposal they are taking to the BID’20, is the result of the joint work developed as part of their diploma exercise for the Instituto Superior de Diseño – where they are now part of the teaching staff – and which has been enriched by a nuanced practice, not only by the trends of art and design, but by the whole culture, which is developed behind the Wall.