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Grimanesa Amorós in the 13th Habana Biennal

Grimanesa Amorós (Lima, 1962) is an interdisciplinary artist, known worldwide for her sculptural installations of light on a large scale. Her work has a inquiring will that feeds on all fields of knowledge linked to social history, science, critical theory and technology. Her work process is organic and instinctive. The artist strives to establish an intuitive relationship with technology and with nature. She researches locations, histories and communities in which she then performs her installations. She incorporates in her work elements of sculpture, video, lighting and science to create site-specific installations that involve architecture and generate community dynamism. She currently lives and works in New York.

For Detrás del Muro, this artist proposes a reinterpretation of our national identity using as a fundamental motive our national flower and the light of the environment. The artist, as if trying to filter the cultural essence of our city, uses a system of photosensitive tubes that feed on the light of the environment to project other luminosities. Light thus becomes the symbol and form of a concept as questioned as “the Cuban”. The piece consists of a happy and monumental light installation and will be located on the facade of the emblematic Edificio Sarrá in front of the Malecon Habanero.

The works in this post refer to previous works of the artist, installations in important artistic spaces of the world, such as Scottsdale Public Art, in Scottsdale, Az; and Ludwing Museum in Koblenz, Germany.

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