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How and Nosm in the 13th Havana Biennal

How and Nosm (Raoul and Davide Perre) are identical twin brothers internationally recognized for the great murals they have painted together on the walls of important cities around the world. Their style is marked by the use of a color palette concentrated in nuances such as white, black and red, and occasionally degradations; the impressive size of their compositions and the intricate detail. Born in Spain, with a German heritage and living in New York since 1999, their influence extends to South America, Asia, Europe and the United States. Their artistic experience is the result of a life dedicated to the city, sensitive to the most important processes of public life. They have become sought-after artists, an ironic progression, where outsiders have become experts and are currently redefining what constitutes public art.

The aerosol is of utmost importance in all their public works and is the essential ingredient that they use, together with a precise execution. They feed on spontaneity, but not on improvisation. The cult of life is splayed between a refined sense of graphic design and a bold handling of visual forms.

For Detrás del Muro they have presented an interesting mural project, entitled “The Musical Soul”, painted mainly with spray and latex paint. The suggested area to produce it is one of the corners of the line of facades of the traditional Malecón. The explicit intention: transform spaces for the community.

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