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Performance and installation (variable dimensions)


The work 19:30, by the artist Jorge Otero, proposes the contemplation of a sunset from two hundred chairs arranged in the form of an auditorium. The installation, from its title, creates an unusual link between two temporary spaces: the date and time when the first Constitution of the Republic was signed in Cuba and the current social political context. The place where the work is located: the Havana Malecon, invites to the analysis about the notion of limit, which is reinforced by the wall itself and the arrangement of the chairs in the place. Based on the nature of the objects that make up the installation, the work aims to blur the boundaries between public and private. 19:30 the whole process is considered as part of the final result by which the chairs that constitute the work were collected, because through that direct exchange with the community it is that it achieves its full symbolic potential. The proposal tries to encapsulate the meditative and reflective environment that causes the sun to fall, which connotes the work of a performative character.