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Afro Hair Contest



Identity, in its broad spectrum, is a core issue in Susana Pilar’s work. He constantly goes to it to rethink his position as a human being and artist. We wear it curl is a declaration of principles, it is an act of collective education, as well as a gesture of vindication. In the 12th Havana Biennial he had his first edition, in this second installment the artist displays a large set of actions. The form selected as a fundamental structure is the workshop, although it is opened in various ways of social interrelation. The work consists of a great action, with a remarkable performance display. With headquarters in the House of Africa the artist has been working since February 2019 and will end its action on May 11, when in Malecon 307, Galiano corner, celebrate an awards gala. We wear it curl pretends to take natural Afro hair as a pretext to de-build the established canons of beauty and, from creativity proposes an organic assimilation of its presence in the Cuban social imaginary.