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Installation (variable dimensions)


The Caribbean is full of linked stories, cultural connections, common myths. The banana is a leading icon among the imaginary of our islands. It has an enormous symbolic connotation in Puerto Rican culture and has functioned since the late nineteenth century as a metaphor for a huge national identity. The proposal of the renowned Puerto Rican artist Bernardo Medina is a tribute to the Caribbean culture and our agreed identities, living processes of self-understanding and sublimation. To Behind the Wall will install a placid bunch of bananas in the shade of our malls. The surface of the volume, conformed entirely with fiberglass, has been pictorially intervened by the artist in a gesture of frank spontaneity, with a chromatic vitality homologous to the humid airs that surround us at this point of the planet. Bernardo Medina is a lover of color, sincerity and affable gesture.