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Bancontodos, from the series Meeting place

cast bronze and plywood
575 x 430 x 300 cm
edition: 5 pieces + 1 ap


The text that appears on the piece that joins the opposed benches is: “With all and for the good of all”.
“… either the republic is based on the full character of each one of its children, on the habit of working with their hands and thinking by themselves, on their upright action and respect for the upright action of others; or the republic is not worth a tear of our women or a single blood drop of our brave… Let us join, in the first place, in this faith; let us block the way to the republic that is not prepared with means worthy of mankind’s respect, for the good and prosperity of all cubans!”
Excerpt of the speech given by José Martí at the Cuban Lyceum in Tampa, november 26, 1891.