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Floating Triangles

Installation (variable dimensions)


“Floating triangles are a tribute to those islanders who must leave their homeland and travel abroad to achieve their dreams. Some of us return with the tide enriching our native communities. Triangles are a kind of remixes of the imaginary of the marine; they are space markers. ” In addition to this installation, the artist will hold workshops in Havana to promote artistic appreciation and care for the environment at an early age. To this end, it proposes a work structure focused on both the learning process and the final result, a work of art that will be produced collectively.

He tells us that “when I was a child, I collected floating debris and jetsam from the coast of Bermuda. Bits of degraded plastic, softened glass and marine rope embedded with barnacles. ” In it the artist found a great imaginary purpose. Since then his work has participated in a certain affinity towards collage; a way to resurrect unattended materials and insert them into new conceptual contexts.