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Fresh air

steel billboard and digital
print on mesh
6 x 10 m


With this work I propose a discourse that emerges from the contradiction of meaning between the tropical nature of our island and its negation through the incorporation of elements from temperate zones. In this way, the ice masses become highly suggestive icons, capable of producing a very marked estrangement effect, associated to the most incisive absurdity and irony: havana “cools up”, and with it, its people, its life projects, its utopias… or else we could think that the city “freshens up”, is relieved from the daily “warming”, from the social, psychic “suffocation”, the one that oppresses us, deafens us so much. Any one of the two readings is legitimate, even a third one; it will be the spectator who will complete the piece with his findings.
In the meantime, let us enjoy the wall of our havana malecón with a certain suspicion, just in case our soul may go numb or our thoughts freeze.