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From the series “Hacinamiento” (piling)

Installation (variable dimensions)


It consists of a floor installation, a member of the “Overcrowded” series, episodically presented by the artist on other occasions. It is composed of cement slabs recovered and subsequently intervened pictorially. At the chromatic, imaginary and compositional level, the artist works with the concept of saturation. Installs color-fedness, with a predominantly low key which informal settlements. The staging formed by accumulations, refers to the imprint of a certain aesthetic, focused on ruin, recycling and improvisation on the one hand and spontaneous urban growth on the other. In any case, a certain metaphysical force underlies, edifying a certain image of identity that reads us as an ideal of the incomplete. The slab, solid geometric structure, functions as a kind of basic cell, a metaphor of the soil that belongs to us or in which we live. Manually painting each tile claims the human before the urban. It is also a nod to key moments in art history, in which the object found, including the aesthetics of the industrial, are edifying elements.