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Golden Mariposa

Light installation


Grimanesa Amorós is an interdisciplinary artist, known worldwide for her large-scale sculptural light installations. His work has a strong research will and feeds on fields of knowledge linked to social history, science, critical theory and technology. His work process is organic and instinctive. The artist strives to establish relationships between technology and nature. Research locations, stories and communities in which he then performs his installations. He incorporates elements of sculpture, video, lighting and science into his work to create site-specific closely involved with the architecture and generators of great socio-community dynamism. He currently lives and works in New York. For Behind the Wall, this artist proposes a reinterpretation of our national identity using our national flower and a peculiar light of the island environment as a fundamental motive. The artist, as if trying to filter the quintessence of our city, uses a system of photosensitive tubes that feed on the atmosphere to cause illuminations of another nature. Light thus becomes the symbol and the form of a concept as questioned as “Cubanness.” The piece consists of a happy and monumental light installation and will be located on the facade of the emblematic Sarrá Building in front of the Malecón Habanero.