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Installation (variable dimensions)


Xavier Mascaró is a Spanish sculptor and painter born in Paris, of French, Romanian and Catalan descent. He has lived in Madrid, New York, London and Mexico City. In 2002 he was retired emeritus of the Academy of Spain in Rome. He currently lives and works in his workshops in Mexico City and Lisbon. His works in monumental statuary have been exhibited in London, Madrid, Seville and Malaga. Its deployment in the public space has been definitive since the appropriation in 2008 of the Jardin du Palais Royal, in Paris. Guerreros is an imposing sculptural installation: five human figures sketched in cast iron impose absolute silence on the future. The rawness of the material adds to the power of the volume and the suggestive nature of the scene. This work was presented at Plaza Seminario, Museo del Templo Mayor and Cultural Center of Spain. Mexico City in 2017 as part of the personal exhibition Guardians and Warriors.