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Installation (variable dimensions)


Rachel Valdés tells us: “I make my work a research process linked to experiential experiences. I am interested in creating scenarios that transfer to another version of this reality, experiencing the sensation of entering a completely different environment, where perspective becomes incomprehensible, light, color, sound and reflections take over space. For me these scenarios are like a landscape, a limbo, a mystical place, and seemingly infinite. I consider that the repetition of an element or its reflection, evokes a contemplative act of reflection towards the past and the present, is like a materialization of the passage of time. Where many times I refer to the dilemma between the different realities that make up the life of the human being, the mental and the physical, the objective and the subjective ”

For Liquid Scenario she has presented an untitled installation. It is a tribute to the city in its 500 years. The Blue Cube presented by the artist in 2015, donated to the Office of the Historian of the City and installed in the Fortress of La Punta, was destructed by Hurricane Irma in 2017. Now she decided to reissue that experience by conceiving a piece that goes through historical time and dialogues with heritage, nature, urban dynamics and the emotional power that distinguishes our capital. This work by Rachel Valdés is a gesture of restitution. That iconic work will not have a second edition, it will have a link, a reworking.