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Installation (variable dimensions)


“Our vocabulary is linked to experience, and it is in energized moments of exposure to the strangeness that our vocabulary expands. The encounter with strangeness stretches and expands our self-esteem and generates the rich potential of our collective conversations, “says the artist, who studied arts at the University of Sao Paulo. One of the focus of his work is the aesthetics of the cultural formations throughout the history of art.Untitled, flirts with the codes of minimalism and appropriates some of the linguistic research endorsed by Conceptual Art.The end result is the weighting of an essentially contemplative logic. artist has been staked by his works in the field of sculpture and photography, formal universes visibly distant.In this work it is clear the meaning given to each medium or support: volume, rather than being in space, prefers to function as mediation visual or device generating perspectives and points of view towards the surrounding environment, to act in which the spatial and the photographic s and merge into the same sense variable.