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The Basquet People

Painting installation (variable dimensions)


The opinion of the specialized critic is that the artists from Tenerife José Arturo Martín (1974) and Javier Sicilia (1971) after 20 years of career, have successfully become a contemporary art brand, thanks to the development of an artistic practice that has as center of attention is the constant challenge to the art market. The other great motivation is painting, which they come with an essentially ironic posture. In the process of work undertaken by them photography has a fundamental role. The final result, from the material point of view, uses all classification and dialogues with the European pictorial tradition, especially with religious painting. The use of wood as a support for the image seems to be closely linked to the altarpiece painting for the churches. Paradoxically it shows a contemporary in the process of visual-imaginary conformation, making use of some traditional codes of the fine arts and the western culture. For Liquid Stage this particular creative duo has presented a nice set of images. Life is a constant game and personal success depends on the position that everyone manages to assume in self-defense. The viewer will have the possibility to participate in the work by getting involved in the game by the proposed artists.