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The limits of the possible

Sculptural installation (variable dimensions)


José Dávila plays to generate visual instabilities from a totally classical conception of space, oriented towards a balance between magic and scientist. The fragility of glass, a symbol of contemporaneity, in the face of the powerful presence of the stone, make up various situations of juxtaposition, confrontation, violence, tension and vertigo. The architectural in all this is pressing. “His sculptural work takes as a starting point the specificity of the materials used, their origin or their value are elements that come into play; Industrial materials such as glass, steel or concrete interact with natural “raw” materials such as rocks or marble. Dávila also uses common objects such as cardboard boxes to create replicas of other easily recognizable sculptures, with the aim of demonstrating how certain ways of occupying the space are also inscribed in this system of visual referentiality. Influenced by his training as an architect, he has the objects as if they were the basic elements of the drawing (point, line and plane) to create constructions that test notions of balance, stability and permanence ”