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The Sleigh

Installation (variable dimensions)


The artist tells us that: “In 1957 my father set out to design and build a modernist house in the small town of Nueva Paz. That house embodied many of the utopian ideals that, from an architectural and social point of view, were managed in the Caribbean in the 1950s. The architectural ambition of my father and his scarce resources, as well as the shortage of materials because of the embargo, slowed down the construction process until almost stopping him. Finally the house was finished in 1961. In 1967 my parents gave me a snow sled. I didn’t know what Christmas means then. The strangeness that this object generated in the middle of the Tropics would lay in me the imaginary bases of the incarnation of the mythical “North”, to which we would later emigrate. Since then I experienced the duality between feeling incomplete and waiting to be another, a symptomatic ailment in the Caribbean. We kept the sled on the porch of the house. In the following summer we confirmed that it had already begun to oxidize and when my father went to Spain he had already acquired the melancholic quality of the forgotten toy. When it was our turn to emigrate the sled it was in the hands of a family friend. The house would become a Marriage Palace. ”

This work is a genuine act of introspection that allows the artist to revisit his past as a human being and his identity. This project, like most of his work, revolves around two major concerns: how art can be used to investigate life; how art should function conceptually and contextually.