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The weight of certain things



The travel as a journey towards experiences and solutions where grief is recreated as discourse, proposing a dialogue between the itinerary, the burdens that entail the changes of places, the costs of displacement, the anguish, the fatigue, the nostalgia of doing and undoing the luggage. A regret that implies needs and limits, behaviors, discoveries and adaptations. A regret that even translates into figures, images, actions, meetings, exchanges and joys that still do not represent the whole but become an art creation process. The weight of a trip can also change the life story of the traveler. The action consists of two fundamental elements: the documentation of the research process around the idea that the artist has planted as performance and the performance itself. In the first, two videoperformances have a place of weight. Desengaño is a trans-historical dialogue that relates when the artist found in the corner of a Madrid street of the same name the place where José Martí lived during his exile in Spain. Abandoned messes is the video documentation of a performance made by the artist on the shore of the emblematic Lake Annecy, a place where Spanish emigrants were going to mourn their sorrows.

The performance that will be carried out in situ is based on the conformation of the luggage allowed on a regular plane trip as any traveler would return to the island, a conflict of indisputable material and existential character that entails sacrifices and agony.