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Tribute mural to Felix Gonzáles Torres

Mural and installation (variable dimensions)


The Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel (Santander, 1980) is a key figure in contemporary painting and urban art. Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid, has led art to its extremes. For him, monumentality is definitely a matter of scales. Based on this precept, it has conquered public space with an imagery of dreaminess and geometric vigor. The codes he uses to communicate his messages of respect and peace belong to the popular culture. He is interested in talking with people, provoking public astonishment and conquering the great masses. Visual impact is an immediate form of communication. Today, facing the dynamic traffic of images and information that before our eyes happens to capture public attention requires high doses of ingenuity and spectacularity. For the Liquid Stage, the artist will produce an imposing mural, dedicated to the renowned Cuban-American artist Félix González Torres. The presence and absence, contrary to each other’s senses, blur that figure to become a living landscape.