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Installation (variable dimensions)


Ariamna Contino and Alex Hernández have opted to build what is possible, a claim that has allowed them to elevate the work they have jointly developed around statistics, culture and information. The artistic action raised by them has two fundamental phases. Laboratory is one of them, device installed in one of the most vulnerable areas of the wall of the Malecon Habanero that seeks to receive all information from the sea for a certain period of time. The results collected will be the main material in the conformation of a volume still in the process of conceptualization. The other consists in the redesign of a vacant space within the urban environment as a Forum. The statistical information and its corresponding graphs, originated initially by the defining dynamics of the community surrounding the work, will provide an interesting formal repertoire.

Graphics transformed into banks, recreational devices, cultural interaction mechanisms ready to be used by citizens, are part of a new type of rhetoric regarding collective identity. In this constructive process the community will be actively involved, which gives a new dimension to the sense that the human being has within the work of these two committed artists.