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Andrea Sundt is an artist who has found in the costume design the conceptual basis of her work. Coming from Oslo, Norway, he received his Emod Paris Costume Design title in 2007. In 2014 he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Parson School of Desing in New York. Water, an installation designed specifically for the Havana Malecon, is part of a series of works through which the artist has explored the possible connotations of insularity. With digital prints on paper, daily spaces intervene with a strong symbolic-architectural load. The idea of ​​the de-contextualized body of water and its direct dialogue with ordinary experience ratifies the sacred character that the ocean has for the islanders. This artist, participant of the Biennial of the National Gallery of Bermuda in 2017, faces the great myths of the Caribbean with a clear and slightly off-center posture, with a clear interest in the magical sense that conceals the natural in the social imaginary of This peculiar cultural region.